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We make payment processing simple. No matter how complicated your business,
we have reliable, cost-effective solutions.

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About Us

We provide custom, creative payment processing solutions to clients across the US.
Our solutions are simple to implement and fully-supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our client base is truly diverse representing a multitude of business types/sizes.


Business Verticals

Better Merchant Rates offers payment solutions to businesses in many different verticals. Most of our clients have retail stores, restaurants and online businesses. We are able to offer a variety of solutions to our clients to accommodate varying needs. From physical terminals to custom online solutions, we are able to help you.


Business Sizes

We have a complete line of services that allows us to serve everyone from small businesses to the largest corporations. We have experience helping start small businesses and grow large businesses. With our custom options, no business too large for us.